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Patented Curve Advisory Reporting Service (CARStm)

Did you know these 3 commonly missed facts can impact your ability to meet a critical part of the 2019 mandate?



Can you get this done in less than 18 months?

Yes you can!

Call us today at 610-500-2000 to learn how CARS - the latest automated technology available now - can get this done before the 2019 deadline!


Safer – Drive the entire road, one pass in each direction, any speed with traffic, without turning around...

  • Reduces risk to your engineers and drivers

  • Hands free eyes on the road operation

  • Drive the entire corridor at any speed, with traffic

  • Eliminates the dangers of multiple turn-arounds in traffic

  • Eliminates accidents by removing the need to stop or U-turn per curve

  • Eliminates the dangers of interacting with devices while driving

  • Only method available today that doesn’t require the driver to turn around at every curve.

Better – Automates the enormous tasks to satisfy the 2009 MUTCD mandate for safe curve evaluations and so much more...

  • Fully automated - alleviates human error

  • Automatically captures all road telemetry

    • auto-saves to the secure cloud

    • accessible at your desktop

  • Automatically determines curve radius, super-elevation, and vertical profile 

  • Automatic sign placement and recommendation reports

    • Including chevron location - now requires the curve radius.

    • Customizable, searchable and downloadable data

    • Customizable horizontal speed limits to meet State requirements

Faster – Projects with 10,000 miles can be completed in a month...

  • Manage the entire State from desktop

  • Drive continuously, with traffic

  • Survey 100+ miles a day

  • Increase and expedite your coverage with multiple teams

Cheaper – Reduces man hours and saves money wasted with resurveying...

  • Saves countless hours getting the entire job done

  • Eliminates the need to re-assess curves when future standards change

    • Surveys the entire corridor

  • Accommodates speed limit changes with a click of a button

  • Reduces tort loses significantly with calibration verified results

  • CARS has you covered in the future!

Call us today 610-500-2000 to find:

  • which CARS service provider in your state

  • what CARS options available

  • why CARS will help you meet the mandate


CARS Service Provides

  • Safer Drive the entire road, one pass in each direction, with traffic...

  • Better Fully Automated Reports to satisfy 2009 MUTCD mandate & more...

  • Faster Projects with 10,000 miles can be completed in a month...

  • Cheaper Reduces man hours & eliminates wasted dollars on resurveying

CARS Service Features

  • Meets Federal MUTCD Requirements

  • Safe & Continuous Driving

  • Chevron Spacing

  • Sign Inventory

  • TORT Protection

  • Integrated GPS

  • Key Data Collection

  • Cloud Reporting

  • Automatic upload of survey data

  • Secure Online Data Storage

  • Future Access to Data as standards change



Training Material:


"Due to its efficiency and accuracy, the CARS System is the best alternative to the DBBI method..."

"For statewide consistency, all Oregon highways should be evaluated using the CARS methodology..."


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