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RDI Digital Inclinometer Series

The RDI is a semi-custom inclinometer package. The photos shown below are sample model types. Click an individual image below for a detailed specification brochure. (PDF format)

General Purpose

RDI Standard Digital Inclinometer

 4120BBL Boom Angle Indicator

RDI Standard Series:

Display/Inclinometer Box

RDR Model Series:

Display/Remote Package

RAD/RAS Model Series:

Remote Angle Display reading

1 or 2 remote inclinometers

Application Specific

RDS7-BB Digital Ball Bank Indicator

4120BBL Boom Angle Indicator


Model RDS7-BB:

Ball Bank (Safe Curve Speed)

RAD2 AV Series:

 Line Array Installation

RDSR Model Series:

 Boom Angle Indication

Switch Output Only Packages:

up to 4 avail, single/dual axis

Rieker’s RDI SERIES of digital inclinometers is a complete angle monitoring and early warning system. Available in both single or dual axis packages, these units provide accurate tilt sensing in an tough, environmentally protected housing - temperature compensation can be added to increase accuracy. The modular sensing components are semi-custom by design allowing the customer to select the options and measurement ranges that best fit the individual application, making the RDI the most flexible and multi-purpose digital inclinometer on the market today.

  • Single and Dual Axis

  • Remote Angle Sensing Packages

  • Input Ranges from ±4° to ±130°

  • Output Options:

    > Analog 0-5V

    > Serial RS232

    > Open Collector Switch Outputs

  • Power Supply Options:

    > 8-30VDC non-regulated

    > 9V Battery

    > 110VAC or 240VAC Wall Adaptor

    > Cigarette Lighter Adaptor

  • LCD Displays Angle in either:

    > Degrees

    > Percent Grade

    > nch per Foot Rise

  • 0.1° or 0.01° Display Resolution

  • Relative Zero Button

  • Minimum / Maximum Angle Button

  • Up to 4 Open Collector Switch Outputs

  • Adjustable Trip Angle Settings

  • High Current-Sink Capability

  • Lamp/Solenoid/Relay Drive

  • Equipment Roll Over/Slope Warning

  • Platform Leveling

  • Speaker & Sound System Coordination

  • Pitch and Roll Monitoring

  • Vehicle Tilt Monitoring

  • Antenna Positioning

  • Safe Corner Speed Determination

  • Boom Angle Indication


  • Aerial Work Platforms

  • Cranes & Derricks

  • Refuse & Dump Trucks 

  • Agricultural Equipment

  • Excavators, Graders, & Pavers

  • Drilling & Mining Equipment

  • Fire & Rescue

  • Rough Terrain Fork Lifts

  • Timber Processors 

Assignment of Axis

If you have an application that requires custom specifications, please contact us today

with your requirements.  One of our engineers will be happy to speak with you.

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