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2126-D Gradiometer

Gradiometers:  Mechanical & Electronic Digital LCD Display

5012P Gradiometer

p/n 5012P

2064EG Gradiometer

p/n 2126-D

RDI Digital Inclinometer Series


Mechanical "Ball-in-Tube" Type Gradiometers

Digital LCD Display Type


These precision instruments aid the operator with quick visual indication of grade or slope. Applications include bull dozers, excavators, motor graders, pavers, plows, trenchers or other equipment. The digital version (RDI Series) can also be used to monitor and control equipment.

If you have an application that requires custom gradiometer specifications, please contact us today with your requirements.  One of our engineers will be happy to speak with you.



A Gradiometer - another type of inclinometer - is used to accurately determine any slope or grade angle quickly and easily. These precision instruments provide accurate readings in either percent grade, degrees of inclination, or inch per foot rise. 

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