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2126-C Inclinometer
2126-D Gradiometer
2126-E Inclinometer
2126-D Gradiometer-Zones

2100 Series:  Mechanical Inclinometers & Gradiometers

5 10 26 45/5 dual tube
2105-B 2110-A 2126-C (replaces 2064EM) 2145-05-A (replaces 2056E)
2105-C 2110-F 2126-D (2 scales, replaces 2064EGM) 2145-05-B (replaces 2056)
2105-A (color zones*) 2110-B (color zones*) 2126 (color zones*)  
*Custom configurations available including adding an upper scale, color warning zones, and backlit housing. Please note that color zones are specified by the customer your sales representative will be happy to assist.  
2100 Series Brochure 2126 (backlit*)  

Rugged Quick Visual Reference of Angle


A Clinometer (or Inclinometer) is an instrument for measuring angles of slope (or tilt), elevation or inclination of an object with respect to gravity. Also known as a slope or tilt meter, angle indicator, gradiometer, and pitch or roll indicator.

Rieker manufacturers clinometers using precision tube and ball construction. All our tubes are filled with a special damping fluid that controls the movement of the ball and will operate in temperatures from -50 F to +180 F (-45C to +82C). Our industry leading quality and control standards provides for the smoothest and most consistent roll among any other clinometer of this type world wide.

The housing is made of a rugged 100% Polycarbonate, making these clinometers extremely tough for all types of environments and weather conditions. The large, clear number and degree markings make it easy to get quick, accurate readings - clearly readable from 12 feet away. In ranges of 5, 10, 26 and coming soon 45 there is a clinometer to fit most all needs.

Easy to install, these Rieker clinometers were originally designed for precise heel and trim indication on sailboats - one of the most popular in use today. However, a clinometer can be used where ever leveling, balancing and preventing tip-over is needed: such as utility trucks, aerial lift equipment, military and government vehicles.

If you have an application that requires custom specifications, please contact us today - one of our application experts will be happy to speak with you.


  • ALL-Weather

  • 100% Polycarbonate

  • Extreme Shock-Vibration Resistant

  • UV Resistant 

  • Easy Installation

  • Wide Operating Temperature Range

  • Custom Warning Zones

  • 5, 10, 26, 45 ranges

  • Backlit Option (12V-24VDC)

  • NVIS available


  • Boom Angle

  • Slope or Grade

  • Pitch and Roll

  • Tip-over Warning

  • Platform Leveling

  • Load Balancing


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