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Mechanical Inclinometer:  2058E

  • Commonly referred to as a Clinometer (as in typical marine applications like boating)

  • Large Clear Markings allow readability at twelve (12) feet

  • Special dampening fluid precisely controls movement of ball

  • Unique Compound Tube with Two (2) Curves 

  • Precise readings at lower angles while still providing a full 40 range

  • 2000 Series BrochureS

  • See all 2000 Models

2058E Inclinometer

Model 2058E Specifications


6 1/2"w X 2 3/8"h X 3/8"d

Degree Range


Degree Markings

10 in 2-1/2 Increments

10 to 45 in 5 Increments

Case Materials

Black Polycarbonate, raised hot stamped markings

Tube Construction

Glass with white ball on black background


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